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This brand standards portal was created to help communicate and implement the Unique Properties brand standards. When you use these branding standards, the Unique Properties brand will become stronger. By communicating one consistent identity, the brand will be more recognizable and it will accurately symbolize the benefits of this great organization we are all proud to be a part of.

Unique Properties is excited as we look to the future of the firm. Together, using this consistent look and feel for our organization in Colorado and worldwide through our TCN Worldwide network, we will be a brand that is better recognized and easily understood. The color, the content and the symbol of our organization communicates who we are.

We’ve done a Brand Refresh! Check out our new logo, font style guidelines and more. Check back next month for additional tools, templates and updates.

Why a Brand Refresh?

Unique Properties has aggressively grown in the last few years through leveraging proven relationships with clients and partners in the commercial real estate and finance communities.
As the firm continues to produce robust results, Unique Properties has refreshed the brand to keep up with market demand and position the firm as the commercial real estate services powerhouse in Colorado.

As shown below, the first component of the new brand identity is the revision of the logo which will establish consistency and symbolize a dynamic future. Unique Properties is proud of their rich history, which is why the logo retains core elements, including color scheme and building outline.

The Unique Properties logo is an integral piece of the brand’s visual identity. Its correct and consistent application accelerates engagement, raises the organization’s credibility and improves brand recall. All variations of this logos, including all white without backgrounds, are available on the S drive: S:\Marketing\Logo




Unique Properties and TCN Worldwide’s logos should not be altered aside from sizing. No stretching, color adjusting, fading, adding taglines or other words is permitted.

* On all print and online materials where Unique Properties’ logo is featured, the TCN logo must be present on the same surface.


logos not to use-01

  • Dominant Blue | RGB: 36, 61, 112 | CMYK: 98, 85, 29, 15 | Web Code #: 243d70
  • Red Accent Color | RGB: 188, 20, 26 | CMYK: 18, 100, 100, 9 | Web Code #: bc141a
  • Light Blue Accent Color | RGB: 80, 169, 215 | CMYK: 64, 18, 4, 0 | Web Code #: 50a9d7
  • Grey | RGB: 107, 108, 111 | CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 71 | Web Code #: 6b6c6e
  • Light Grey | RGB: 216, 217, 218 | CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 17 | Web Code #: d7d8da

Our primary typeface is Segoe UI, used for headlines, subheads, and body. We chose this font because its clean, easy to read, yet also has different variations of boldness to differentiate titles and links.

Suggested Color Combination:

Font Style Image

Font Style Image_LBLUE

Do not use red, light grey or light blue on text body.

ANY LINK should be colored in our accent light blue to que the link, ie: Consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.



1. Stock Imagery


  • Incorporate relevant images of building types (stock photography fine – be sure there are usage rights.)
  • Professional Business Imagery
  • Incorporate modern, clean photography of Denver and the surrounding area (Denver, Parks, Landscapes).


  • Be sure the icons are in Unique’s color scheme (Black / White is good as well)
  • Only with no white block backgrounds ( use a .png)


  • Clipart

Image Use

  • Cartoons
  • Children \ Animals \ Food
  • Slash Shapes (For price reduction)

Our e-mail signatures are all HTML coded to prevent the our logos to be sent as an attachment to an email. Please do not attempt to manipulate or edit your e-mail signature on your own from the front end. Please contact for any changes. 

Signature Block

1. Commercial Real Estate
In a complete sentence, commercial real estate should have lower case letters. Unless commercial real estate is in a title, all letters should be lower case.

2. Firm, Not Company
At Unique Properties, we refer to ourselves as a commercial real estate firm, not company. We choose to reference ourselves as a firm instead of company to strengthen our identity of professionals who can be relied on.

3. Moving Away From ‘Boutique’.
Unique Properties is moving away from the term “boutique” to describe the firm. When describing Unique Properties, substitute boutique for privately-owned, or privately held.

4. SF vs s.f.
Our Standards: 1,000 SF
Incorrect Use: 1,000 s.f., or 1,000 S.F.

5. Denver Metro Area
– We provide real estate services to the Metro Denver area. Metro is capitalized with Denver – area is not capitalized.
– We live in the Mile High City, not the Mile-High city

6. Subject Property Standards
When referring to a subject property as “the Property” in a written document, Property should be capitalized.

7. Property Type Standards
– Multifamily, not Multi-family
– Office/Flex, not Office-Flex

8. Mapping
When labeling maps, street names should reflect how Google Maps indicates streets, ie: 145 W. Powers Cir., not 145 W. Powers Circle

9. Contact Info Standards
Line 1:
Full Name
Line 2: Title
Line 3: Phone Number (Numbers should be separated by periods, not dashes or parentheses)
Line 4: Email