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How much does an acre of land cost and how big is it?

Posted by admin on September 13, 2022
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If you are someone planning to purchase land, there are two essential factors to consider: the amount of land you are wanting to buy and how much it costs in your desired location. 


If you are someone looking to buy land in Denver, CO, Unique Properties Inc. can help you with the basics by teaching you the size and cost of an acre of land in the area. Read on to learn more about buying acreage in Denver.


How Big is an Acre of Land?

Whether you are a real estate investor or you’re interested in buying farmland, it is important to understand the size of the land you’re about to purchase. If you’re buying less or more than an acre, you have to know how big an acre of land is to determine the size of your lot.


One acre of land is around 43,560 square feet in any shape. An acre of land can equal 90% of the football pitch size. That’s also 4840 square yards or 0.4047 hectares. So if you’re planning to invest in an acre of land and want to build 2,400 square feet homes, you can comfortably build around eighteen homes in your lot.


Interestingly, an acre of land in Old English was equated to the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plow in a day. 

How Much is an Acre of Land Worth?

Now that you know the size of an acre, it is time to learn how much one costs.  Some parts of the U.S. are more valuable than others, so the worth can’t be generalized countrywide. Below are some factors that determine how much the land you’re considering may cost.  

Five Variables that Affect the Price of an Acre

  1. Rural vs. suburban vs. urban location. Overall, buying land in suburban and urban areas is more costly than in rural locations. You may be surprised by how much an acre of land in urban areas is compared to rural locations. For example, an acre of farmland can cost a fraction of the same in suburban Denver, CO.
  2. Infrastructure. If you intend to invest in properties in areas with better road access, sewer, electric grid, and internet access, be prepared for high land prices. Proximity to better schools, hospitals, shopping, and leisure activities can also affect land costs.
  3. Economic activities. If you plan to invest in areas of intense economic activities, be ready to part away with more cash. The size of the market also matters. For instance, the cost of 100 square feet of land in San Francisco can be equal to that of an acre of land in the Florida panhandle. 
  4. Topography. Purchasing an acre of land in rocky terrain or locations prone to natural calamities like flooding can be cheaper than the same piece in relatively flat areas.
  5. Supply and Demand. Land in areas with luxury properties is more expensive than in locations with average real estate. 


How Do You Find Land to Buy?

Searching for available land to buy in Denver, CO can be frustrating in any position, including for prominent business complex owners, landlords or real estate investors.  However, one can leverage the services of a real estate agency that specializes in land, such as Unique Properties Inc. 


With Unique Properties Inc., finding available acreage in Denver can come seamlessly as we are an experienced and trusted company. 


Commercial Real Estate Experts in Denver, CO

If you’re planning on venturing into property investments, you may have questions like, How big is an acre of land? How much is an acre of land? Getting satisfactory answers can be daunting, but there is no need to worry.


We consider every aspect at Unique Properties Inc. Whether you want farmland or investment property, we are the leading real estate company in Denver.  We specialize in all your real estate needs so you can focus on other businesses, ranging from disposition and acquisition of commercial real estate and property management, all the way to landlord and tenant representation.


Contact us to help you acquire the real estate property of your dream.



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